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Graduate Work


>> iOS Tablet 8.0+, Unity 5.0



Download now for free on the iPad App Store here! Junkers is a mobile Tabletop, Collectible Card Game based on warring, robot-weilding, factions that partake in combative competitions for control of land and resources. Build and use your deck and tactically position your units to defeat your opponent.
My Role - Technical Designer
>>Systems Design
    -Used paper prototyping to playtest and iterate on new cards and mechanics
    -Analyzed playtest feedback and made design decisions based on player concerns and wants
>>UI/UX Design
    -Used Unity's Canvas system to make UI scale uniformly on both PC and iPad
    -Designed and added particle effects to promote player feedback and bring the game to life
         For example: Turning the cards into spinning gears when they are being played
     -Wrote a shader pass to allow our artists to quickly test saturation levels on objects in the scene, also added
       effect to units to desaturate after they can no longer move/attack
     -Designed and scripted a "Command View" that Lerps the camera and shows stat bars over the units for a
       quick game overview
>>Sound Design
      -Gathered proxy audio and created a mock-up sound treatment in Camtasia to gauge sound levels and timing
>>Level Design
       -Integrated 3D models, textures, and animations into engine
       -Created and placed 3D proxy models for block-out/size testing to help maintain scale and tile confinements
>>Agile Development
      -Worked on a 14-person team using Jira with a spiral-like process
      -Maintained tasks in a 2-week sprint schedule with 1-week sprint crunches

Early Production

>> PC, Unity 4.3


American Muck


American Muck is a 2D point and click adventure made in Unity 4.3 where the player plays the role of an investigative reporter who has gotten his hands on a hot scoop in the form of a politician's hotel room, full of clues.  Gather the right clues based on the reports and send them to your boss.
>>Designed point and click puzzles and clue placements based on narrative 
>>Integrated backgrounds and clues as well as changeable furnishings (i.e. open and close states)
>>Added particle effects for scene transitions
>>Audio retrieval and implementation

>> PC, Unity 4.6

Hell P.D.


Hell P.D. is a third person action, adventure game made in Unity 4.6 that sends the player through the streets of Hell with branching dialogue trees and quick time fights.  Travel the different districts of sin and utilize the various archetypes of demons to find the information you need to solve Hell's biggest crime.
>>Designed narrative/dialogue and scene placements
>>Integrated 3D models, textures, and animations
>>Implemented branching dialogue mechanic into game UI
>>Audio retrieval and implementation, participated and added voice acting
>>Animated and implemented event cameras including intro sequence and cutscenes

>> PC, Unreal Engine 4.6, Oculus Rift


Wilderness Survival


>>Game/UI Design
>>Integrated 3D models, textures, and animations
>>Visual Event Scripting
>>Demographic and Tech Research
BSA Wilderness Survival was a prototype that was designed to be educational for boyscouts in training in the BSA.  We grabbed 3D Environment meshes from Google Earth and brought them into UE4 from 3DS Max as a terrain.  Along with Oculus Rift implementation, the player was able to be immersed into a realistic wilderness environment to learn to survive outdoors.
>>Pitched and designed game mechanic/wrapper
>>Designed and balanced levels through playtesting
>>Implemented background and character sprites
>>Sprite animation inside of Flash

>> PC, Unity 4.3



Demiurge is a top down view, sandbox game made in Unity 4.3 that puts the player in a barren safari environment with only one ability: the power to duplicate living creatures.  Watch how the world interacts and changes based on your copy-paste decisions.
>>Pitched and designed game mechanic/wrapper
>>Designed and balanced the AI of the different populations 
>>Integrated 3D models/textures and particle effects
>>Audio retrieval and implementation

>> Mobile, Unity 5.0




Catercat is an isometric "Snake meets stealth" action-puzzle mobile game.  Make your way through a science lab and grow by eating leaf mice in order to activate multiple buttons to get through the level, all the while avoiding security cameras and patrolling drones.
My Role - Lead Designer
     -Wrote original design document and pitched mechanic/wrapper
>>Level/ Puzzle Design
   -Designed modular tile pieces to enable quick and iterative level design using switches, cameras, and enemy
     patrol paths
   -Designed all of the levels/puzzles and playtested for difficulty and fun factor
>>Technical Design
    -Scripted camera switch mechanics and designed in-engine patrol AI tweaking
    -Integrated assets into engine and placed within levels
    -Audio retrieval and implementation

>> PC, Adobe Flash CS 5.5


American Muck
Hell PD
BSA Wilderness
Po-Go is a head-to-head side-scroller game where the players must race to the opposite side of the level while preventing the other player from passing by battling it out, Po-GO style. Get to your opponent's base before they can get to yours!


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