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>>PC, Unity 4, Top down shooter



Kraken is a top down shoot 'em up where you team with friends, choose between three seagoing vessels, and take on the enemy with collectible power ups and upgrades.

The Evil Armada is threatening to take over the world (OF COURSE!) and only an alliance between the three best ships stand in it’s way now. Take them out before they unleash their weapon of mass destruction: The Kraken!

>>Game and combat design

>>Integrated 3d models and textures

>>Programmed player controls and game flow in C#

>>In charge of playtesting and player feedback

Game Projects


Projects and Game Jams
Most of my experience has been in group projects in my production classes or at random game jams that I attend. Games I have worked on so far include:


  • Tabula Rasa: Gameplay/Audio Design

  • Thump In The Night: Level Design, Animator

  • CORE: Modeler, Animator, Level Designer

  • Lanista: Character Designer, Artist

  • Depth: Modeler, Texture Artist

Level Design


Game Engine Integration

After making a scene within Maya, I add textures, lighting, and moving water to it in Unity.

Undergraduate Work

Character Design


Maya Work

This is some of my work with bi-pod figures in Maya. Here, I created a ninja model, textured it, rigged it, and animated it.

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